Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More Issues

I have been feeling a bit of tightness in my back lately and Sunday night it really let me have it. I woke up Monday morning and was so stiff I couldn't look down at my feet. The right scapula region was spasmed so bad I had to tip toe around for an hour or so until it started to loosen. A super hot shower helped but I soon spasmed after the shower. I needed ice and it was time to head to work so icing wasn't an option until after work. A quick call to the Chiropractor and I had an appointment in the afternoon. Work wasn't terribly busy so after my visit I went home and called it a day. No running. I had 4 thoracic vertebrae out, two ribs, both hips, and one side of my neck needed adjustment. By the sounds of it you would have thought I had a car accident or something. That is what happens when I go too long without a visit.

Tuesday I was feeling much better and made my out for a nice warm up before making my way to the track to do 8 laps with the 100 meter straights at 5K or faster pace. After 16 repeats I was starting to really feel good. My legs appreciated the effort and things may be ready to get moving again. The only other issue that I am in the process of addressing is my lower abdomen muscles being constantly fatigued to the point of some serious tightness. Hopefully as I do more strength work this will iron itself out as well.

This morning I did my Kenwood loop and was a bit confused by the data I was receiving from my GPS device. I had a nice ultra low heart rate but the pace was quicker than I am used to seeing, but I felt like shit. Slow down? I tried that and it didn't work, I still felt poor. Nearing 45 minutes into the run I started to feel a bit better and the HR actually went up where I thought it should be. Not too sure what was going on there?
The right foot is tender but I can run. I continue to ice and that seems to keep it at bay.

Here is the last two days:

Tuesday: 1:07:48 9.7 miles
8 laps, straights at 5K pace

Wednesday: 1:00:00 8.4 miles HR: 128

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Dave Schuneman said...

Wish I knew what to tell ya bud. I posted up on that same issue not too long ago. That drives me crazy when there is an indirect relationship between speed & RPE!