Saturday, July 17, 2010

Out Of The Comfort Zone

Last evening was the Park Point 5 Miler. The race has a long history in Duluth. I've lived here for 14 years and have ran the event only in the last two years. There is a reason for that. One, I don't run well in the afternoon/evening. I am an early riser and usually am done running by 6:30 am. Second, the weather in Duluth during July is our best and that means hot and humid. Here in Duluth we don't have many days that scorch us past 85F. Although I don't have the official readings, yesterday may have been one of those days.

The temperatures at race time were 80 F and windy. I managed to cruise a slow warm up and I was just dripping in sweat. Once I got all the race gear ready and after a few striders I actually thought I may be OK and race a decent run. With the headwind on the way out I wanted to run 5:25-5:30 for the first two miles and then use the tailwind to cruise to the tape. Mile one= 5:14. Too fast!! I slowed the second to where I wanted and pushed the third as half was now with the tailwind. The fourth mile was beginning to feel real hard and slow and I covered it in 5:25. It was at this point I was starting to feel a stomach stitch working it's way on and I was hurting bad. All I wanted was a bucket of water to pour over my head. There were a few sprinklers on the course, thank you Park Point residents, but I could have used a dozen more! With the push to the tape I managed to salvage a 5:30 mile and stopped feeling like death. For a little 5 miler I couldn't believe how difficult it felt. The marathon legs were not ready to fly on Park Point Friday night but I will press on. The next week will focus on getting in the mileage and start working on some light workouts. The 5K next weekend will be a last minute decision.

Total: 11 miles
5 mile race 27:11 / 7th overall
1st 40-44 age group

This morning I hit the trails of Rock Hill and Hartley/SHT and felt really good in the climbs. The steep climbs made my glute muscles work and stretch a bit and that is what I needed. Kept the pace slow and man did it feel good in the heat.
Total: 6 miles

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