Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Keepin' The Fingers Crossed

Monday morning went very well, just slow. I managed to get out and do the old Monday morning loop out to Martin road and for some reason felt very tired the first two miles that I covered in a pedestrian 16 minutes. I was OK with it as my HR was very low and that part of it felt good. My right foot was fair and after the run I did a series of stretches and exercises. I hoped things would be improving and this morning I was not in good spirits. The right foot thingy is bothering me like hell when I first rise in the am and I am beginning to wonder of the possibility of a stress fracture in my second or third metatarsal. Not good! I was going to ice for one more day and try to get in contact with the Sports Med doc in the am. Wish me luck!

Monday: 59:30 8 miles

Tuesday: 0 miles


Julie said...

Good luck with your foot Gregg! I am keeping my fingers crossed that you do not have a stress fracture:)

Hmmm, pedestrian 16 minute two mile is a little faster than my training pace:) You crack me up....you are such a speed demon that my pace seems snails pace to you!

Gregg said...

i'm hoping the discomfort is just soft tissue stuff but i guess i'll find out soon.
the pace is all relative Julie. as you know, pedestrian for one isn't for another. i'm really enjoying the slow pace runs these days, but soon I will be back at the weekly grind of workouts and long runs.... hopefully!