Sunday, July 11, 2010

Finishing Weak

I made my way out to Jer's house and met with him and Chris for an undetermined "long run". I wanted to hit at least 90 minutes and possibly two hours. The day started off really slow and really never materialized into anything special. The pace was uncomfortable for some reason, I usually don't mind any of the paces we run and today I was just plain ol' uncomfortable. When we circled back towards Jeremy's house I called it a day and hit the watch at 95 minutes. No energy, and fatigued legs were the conversation between Chris and I.

I guess the week was fair at best. My foot pain is minimal and I can run, but I am not pain-free yet. I can't wait for that. I also believe things are not fully recovered from Grandma's and it may take another week or so. The bad thing is I have a 5 mile race on Friday night and I may be running yet another sub-par race if things don't improve quickly.

today's total: 1:35:18 12 miles

Totals for the Week: 43 miles (5 runs)
Year: 1508.4 miles

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