Sunday, July 4, 2010

Back To Heart Rates

In the past I have used my HR monitor to track my rates during all runs. Recently I have gotten away from using it unless I was looking for specific zones in LT runs, but mostly during this last phase I have omitted it. While coming back from the marathon back on June 19th, I have had my share of good days and not so good. Early this week I was running decent but had this feeling I was pushing too hard. On Saturday I dusted off the HR strap and put it on for my run and was determined to keep ultra-low HR's for the duration. I had to figure in the heat index and the fact I may still be carrying some fatigue from the marathon, so I gave myself an extra 5 beats higher than I normally would let the HR rise. Once I got a mile or so of running in I realized quickly that I had been running most of my runs way too hard post marathon. I wanted zones in the 130-135 bpm and I was running 150's. Drrrrrr. I now have had two days of running with low HR's and I am starting to have some good energy in the legs. The next week will be the true test as I will include some pick-ups and a longer LT work, then a medium distance run on the weekend.

On a side note, I have really struggled with low, low abdomen and piriformis tightness and have incorporated my lower leg workout routine 3 days this week and will work up to 4-5 days next week as long as I don't find myself extra sore. The other problem I have picked up is a sore or "bruised" feeling in my right forefoot. On the foot pad just before my second and third toes. It feels like I smacked it on a rock or something and I don't really remember doing anything out of the ordinary. Hmmmm, not too sure what to do. It doesn't bother me at all while running, just walking on hardwood floors or the such. I guess I will just keep an eye on that one. I gave myself a good soak in Lake Superior today and that was like a good ice bath.

Here are that last three days of running:

Friday: I just wanted to get out in order to avoid a zero for the day. Once I got out I was feeling pretty good and rolled through a 7 miler that included Kenwood, Arrowhead, Chester and home.

Saturday: I wanted to get out for over an hour and test the legs a bit. Keeping the HR low I did a mixture of roads and trails. Down the SHT to Hawks Ridge and home via the trails by Northland CC and up Ticher Creek trail before making a loop in Rock Hill. A good day despite the heat of near 80F at 10:30 am!! I managed to nail just about a 90 minute run at 1:23:00, good for 10 miles. HR's at 135 bpm

Sunday: Forefoot very sore this morning upon awakening but much better once up for a bit and no discomfort at all while running. I managed to hook up with an old running pal Kooks, and he and I did an out and back on Skyline. I wore the Brooks Green Silence and they felt super! 53:00 7 miles /HR's at 130bpm

Weeks Totals: 45 miles (6 runs)
Years Totals: 1465.5 miles

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