Thursday, July 8, 2010


Ever hear of it? I haven't. I contacted one of my sports med doctor friends and explained the symptoms to him. He thought the probability of a stress fracture was low and was leaning more towards metatarsalgia.

I like the sounds of that much better than a stress fracture. It seemed to calm down quite a bit yesterday at work so I gave running a try this morning. A quick loop in upper Kenwood and returning from Skyline was the route. I even gave an increased effort and ran 6-7 repeats of 100 meters on at 5k pace just to stretch out the legs a bit. Afterwards a good ice for the foot and I seem to be feeling quite a bit better. I hope I can progress from here, as I have a week until the Park Point 5 Miler and man is it going to hurt since I haven't been able to do any speed work since the marathon.

Tuesday and Wednesday were off days with as much icing as I could do.

Totals: 54:00 7.7 miles
6-7 x 100 meters at 5K pace

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Julie said...

I agree, it does sound much better than a stress fracture:) Take care of yourself and I hope that you have a nice weekend!