Saturday, January 30, 2010

Trails? OK I Guess...

I didn't plan on doing all my mileage on the trails but once I got going in Hartley I decided to stick to it and finish out the hour. I managed to run a short road section in Hartley Estates but the rest of my time consisted of single track trails that were in fair condition. I didn't mind the pokiness of the run today as I wanted to keep the pace slow and really start working on time and build up those mitochondria. I recently re-read my HADD article and it reminded me of how easy I should be taking some of these runs in the early base phase. My legs are really coming around, something I think I mentioned a time or two in earlier posts this week and it sure feels good. It's crazy but I am already looking forward to all those long runs, pace runs and whatever else is on the 'plan'.
Tomorrow will be another easy long effort. Happy Running!

PS: Tomorrow is the start of the John Beargrease Sled-dog race and we will be there taking pictures. Maybe I will post some later Sunday night.

Totals: 56:30 6.8 miles


Runningbear said...

Hi Gregg, its good to read that the magic is coming back to your legs; I think its a great feeling when you know your fitness is on its way back and your body is responding to the miles. It should be very motivating for your spring racing. Keep up the good work. RB.

Julie said...

Hi Gregg,
This is my first visit to your blog. I found your blog when I was responding to a comment that was left for me and I eyed your Up North Running blog title. Before I even clicked on your blog I thought it might be a possibility that you were in fact from Duluth! My son goes to college up in Duluth and it is a beautiful part of our state. I was happy to see that you are from Minnesota too:) I really enjoy reading Minnesota blogs. I also grew up in a small town! I look forward to reading more of your future posts:)

Gregg said...

RB- Yes it is a good feeling when the legs start to respond. REALLY good!

Thanks for visiting. For the most part I started the blog for an online training log. It sure is nice to see how the traffic is and RB is across the big pond! Maybe we will cross paths at some race this summer. Good luck training!