Friday, January 29, 2010

Hungry Like A Wolf

Thursday I took the morning off as I was feeling lazy and didn't feel like putting all the clothes on and hitting the cold streets, but also at this point in my training cycle it is quite alright to allow for a day of recovery/rest during the build-up. I got up and did a few house chores instead and had a good cup of coffee.

This morning the temperatures were no better and the mercury read -12F and thankfully there was calm skies above with a near full moon. The footing has been good but if we don't get any snow soon the streets will soon be ice again. Hopefully my new Get A Grips will arrive by then and I will not have to worry too much. I can see some treadmill running in my near future as well.

For the loop this morning, as I neared the outer rural edges of town I was a bit confused if there was a wolf crying at me or a really good dog-wolf sound-like out there. I heard multiple howls and at one point thought I was being followed. I never saw an animal for blame, but the thought was there for a bit. Interesting. As for the rest of the run my legs are really starting to react to the daily grind and I should be able to add some miles next week and make the next jump. Good thing!

Total: 55:00 7+ miles

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