Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fiber Optic Down

We are back online after a steam pipe burst which melted fiber optic lines and disrupted our internet service. You can read more here.

Monday I had all I could do just to get out the door and run in the slop again. I managed to stay mostly dry by running on campus and Skyline a bit. My legs felt tired, as often they do after a long effort on Sunday, but I know that is part of the plan and I need to get out on those difficult days.
Total: 38:00 ~4.5 miles

Tuesday was much better from many perspectives. The temps dropped which lead to better roads. They had a snow cover but I enjoyed them much more than the wet slop of the two previous days. I had running partner again, as Chris set up a nice hour run together. I added three or four striders at the end of the run and my legs thanked me for that.
Total: 56:30 7.5 miles

Wednesday the temps dropped even more and the wind chill was reported at -20F. The loop up past Pig's (soon not to be Pig's anymore) and home via Vermilion was in spectacular shape and my legs felt ready to rock. I kept the pace easy as hard running has no purpose at this stage. All aerobic. To top things off, I put new batteries in my headlamp and now I can be seen by all the sleepy drivers out there.
Total: 51:10 6.5 miles

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