Sunday, January 24, 2010

Long Wet Run

The positive side of today's run was that the ice was non-existent. Our group that consisted of Jeremy, Tony, Wynn and myself trudged our way east on Grand and Superior streets to the hour turn-around and returned on the same soggy streets that the weather provided. It's January and I had to run most of today's run with wet feet which made the last hour or so rather interesting. Cold, wet Little Piggy's.

Since that was only my second true long effort of the year I was a bit nervous but my legs held up well and I feel that all the hard work I did last fall is paying off big time. I decided to take my "emergency" gel at the hour mark and that was a good thing I was thinking ahead as I would have cratered without it.

The goal for the upcoming week is to slowly add some time to each run and stay aerobic for the entire week. That is not too hard to do with the running surfaces as they are. Slow jogging has been the theme as of late.

Total: 2:00:00 15.4 miles

Weeks Totals: 49 miles
Years Totals: 126.2 miles

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