Monday, January 18, 2010

Muscle Soreness

Yesterday felt great. I thought I had run the snowshoe race smart and didn't cause too much muscle damage. Then came Monday. Can you say, Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness? I can. My quads felt a bit torched but not to the point of taking another zero.
I got up and hit a combination of single-track trails, snowmobile trails, and finished on the roads the last three miles. The last mile I was crawling but that is part of the game. Tomorrow will be a better day and I am looking forward to bumping up the volume in my runs.

Total: 49:30 6 miles easy


Kurt said...

Man I had no idea that was the final year for that race. I should have made a point to get up there. Well glad a local like you did it. Nice job !! Yea that day after on showshoes kills you.

Gregg said...

Kurt- it sure was a good time. I didn't make my decision until 8PM the night before and was glad I did. We had a nice group of guys to run with most of the race.
The legs are now beginning to feel better and I think this event will springboard me into the next fitness level. Hopefully.