Saturday, January 2, 2010

Make It Two

Two days in a row on the snowmobile trails. That's three out of four this week. It really is the best running around right now unless someone else can point me in another direction. (no treadmill suggestions)

Chris and I made our way to more 'local' snomo trails and found them to be in spectacular shape. It was a bit odd not to see many people out and about. Come on people, its only -6F out! What are you going to do when it hits -30F?

I hope to keep some form of momentum heading into the workweek. My wife and I may end up swapping treadmill days just so we both get a flavor of outdoors.

44:40 ~6 miles

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runperryrun said...

I just get the runs in with the snow it's about all you can do. I 'm not much for the treadmill I would rather hit the roads or snow. We have quite a bit of snow here as well. I tend to just go by effort and not look at the watch too much other than looking at the distance covered. Have you read "Once a runner" good read for the winter. Keep rockin the snow covered roads/trails