Friday, January 15, 2010

Better Days

I have found dry pavement! The last few days have been a mix of the same terrain and I like that. Dry. No ice. My legs/hip flexors are much better and now I have to focus on increasing the duration of all my runs and prepare for the real training at the end of the month heading into Feb.
This weekend I may try to add a bit of time and run my Sunday run near ninety minutes. Here's to better days!!

Tues: 46:00
Wed: 50:00
Thurs: 46:00
Fri: 0 (so far, dead tired, sore achilles)


Runningbear said...
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Runningbear said...

Hi Gregg, thanks for the virtual hello, its great to have some overseas visitors. We have some heavy rainful in Yorkshire this morning which is music to my ears; the ice is melting! Best wishes with the training. Sarah.