Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Repeats On The Fly

This morning was a close call for a zero. I had a pretty rough nights sleep and my mind was telling me to stay in bed. Once I got up and moved about I was ready to go. I made my way out to Skyline and warmed up for three miles. Doing some "repeats" of some type was in the plan but I didn't have any specifics so I just made it up as I went. In the end I did 5 repeats of 2:30-3:30 at 5:25 pace. My legs responded well and ended with some nice warm down miles.

Totals: 56:51 8.3 miles (5 repeats totaling 3 miles)

The morning went pretty well after doing my first two hour run since the marathon. My legs felt pretty fresh and I kept the pace slow just to insure a good recovery day. No animals to contend with which was a pleasant change.

Totals: 48:43 6.5 miles

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