Thursday, July 16, 2009

Over The Hump

This morning I wanted to get another hour of aerobic running in and add a few striders before tomorrow nights five miler. I had the wonderful feeling of fast legs today and had to hold back quite a bit throughout the run. I did my McFarland, Rice Lake road, Skyline loop. This week I finally feel like I can resume regular training and start increasing the mileage in hopes to have some decent results later this summer and early fall before concentrating on CIM.

As far as the five miler tomorrow I have zero expectations. Is that a good thing? Maybe I need to set a time goal? But really, what difference does it make when I haven't speed trained for the shorter distances and all I'm going to do is run as hard as I can? It's amazing I have lived in Duluth for 13 years and failed to run this event in the past. The weather is usually hot and humid, and it falls just a month after Grandma's Marathon, so if you get beat up at the marathon, making it to the starting line of this race can be challenging. I'm just hoping for the best.

Totals: 58:21 8.1 miles

Another easy recovery-type morning where I ran short road loop, then picked up the dog and ran a shorter trail loop in Rock Hill. Nothing too special, except I almost stepped on a small rabbit that was trying too hard to get out of my way and kept traversing across the trail until I ran bye and he zipped under my foot mid stride. Good thing the dog wasn't with me at that point as that could have been messy.

Total: 52:05 6.8 miles


Dave Schuneman said...


For what it's worth, I take that method of action probably 50% of each season as the mind needs that occasionally. You'll have a estimated time goal in the back of your head whether you state it or not. Just go out there giv'er! I be looking on from the roadside.


Gregg said...

No kidding... I will and do have a time goal somewhere in the back of my head. I've ran too many of these races not to.
See you out there.