Sunday, July 12, 2009

Animal Magnet

The group at Jeremy's was a bit larger this week which made for some good entertainment. Our route was a first for me as we made our way to the Bong Bridge and crossed to Superior before making a short loop out in Billings before making the return trip. Another beautiful, sunny morning and my legs felt great until 100 minutes. The last bit was tiring but I made it and I am starting to feel like my old self.
We saw some sort of groundhog looking, rat-like varment that crossed right in front of us which made for yet another "animal" day for me. At least this one didn't give me the look to kill!

Totals: 2:00:00 ~15 miles

Weeks Totals: 52 miles (6 runs)
Years Totals: 1384.3 miles

We had a busy day planned so I got up at my usual time and woke up a bit more and headed out the door around 0630. The sun was up and west Skyline was calling my name. I went out to the four mile turn and back with a couple of thirty second striders thrown in at times. Legs felt a bit better this morning.
I had a family of raccoons cross my path and the mother of the group was giving me the stink-eye like she was ready to pounce if needed. Those suckers are mean!

Totals: 56:00 8 miles

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Anonymous said...

What's with you and all the creatures of Nature lately?? I knew you were a "magnet" but not for animals!!

Love you..Mom