Saturday, July 4, 2009

Close Call With Nature

This morning I made my way out to the trails for an early morning jaunt. I always enjoy running the trails first thing in the morning as they are so peaceful. The birds seem to have the stage and their chirps seem so loud without any other competing noises. Everything was going well until the 42nd minute of the run. I was rounding a corner near a river bank and as I looked up after the turn there it was. A near three feet in front of me stood a SKUNK with its tail up and pink freckle pointed right at me. I screamed, "NO WAY!" and back-peddled as fast as possible. It never sprayed and once it hit the brush for a bit I sprinted past and was thankful for the critter not ruining my weekend. ( you get sprayed by a skunk and I can guarantee your weekend would be doomed)
My legs felt much better this morning and actually I was feeling quite snappy by the end of the run. Maybe a little longer effort tomorrow if I wake up feeling ready.

Totals: 1:01:30 7 miles

The run was just a bit sluggish this morning but nevertheless a good one. My loop ran out on Arrowhead Road a bit and Howard G Road before making my way back to Skyline via Rice Lake Road. A good loop that offers flats, little up hill and decent stretch of downhill running. By then end of the run things were OK and looking forward to the weekend.

On a side note I think I figured out, with the help from some of the docs I work with, what the problem is with my stomach. I had a considerable stomach "ache/pain/cramp" during the marathon, as well as feeling it during the Fargo Half, and now have had it two days in a row while training easy paces. After some good discussions and comparing notes, I decided to take myself off coffee and attempt to keep high acid foods out of my diet for the next two weeks. Along with that I am giving Prilosec, a Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI), no plug for prilosec as this stuff is over the counter now, a trial and see if I can keep the stomach issues at bay. I must have some form of an ulcer or GI thang going on so hopefully this will be worth the effort.

Totals: 54:29 7.6 miles

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