Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mr Consistency

I made the trek out to Jeremy's house to join the group on a medium distance run. I didn't want to run much over ninety minutes and the rest of the crew was going two hours. The weather was fantastic and my legs felt amazing the day after a ten miler. We took the pace out easy along the western waterfront trail and once we hit some pavement I was ready to pick up the pace. I finished my run strong, striding out some 7:15's and feeling like I was loose and free! Nice to feel like that the day after a hard ten miler. The next week I will most likely take a day off and run solid the other six days of the week.

So I did some quick research on the Lumberjack 10 Miler and the last time I ran the race in 2006 I finished in 55:08, 16th place, with a 10K split of 34:33. On Saturday I ran 55:03, 16th place, with a 10K split of 34:33. Crazy how one could hit those figures three years apart. I guess the bright side of this story is at least I am not slowing down!

Totals: 1:35:02 12.3 miles

Weeks Totals: 63.5 miles
Years Totals: 1507.8 miles

*last 4 weeks 45, 52, 60, 64 miles


Chad said...

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Nice job, Gregg.

Gregg said...

Chad, thanks... some year I will attempt to have some 10K speed in my legs and attempt to rip a good one at Lumberjack. I love that race but seem to struggle with the fast paces downhill.