Monday, June 15, 2009

Working Out the Kinks

After last weeks unintentional crash taper my legs have left playing catch up. This morning they were still feeling like lead and a little tight in the hamstrings. I added five or six striders at or near 5:00 pace in attempt to loosen up and it worked for some time. When I got to work I was jamming on energy and the legs felt race ready. By noon they were ready for the couch and no running. During every marathon taper it seems like my hamstrings take the brunt of the storm. Not sure why as I think I do a pretty good job stretching and strides???
Tomorrow I will attempt a little more striders during an easy nine or ten miles.

My back shouldn't be an issue come race day and with each day I am gaining confidence to be ready to rock to a new PR!

Totals: 37:03  5.2 miles   (7:10 pace)

1 comment:

Kurt said...

hang in there buddy i know you will be rocking down the course !!