Friday, June 5, 2009

Modified Plan

It was planned to run a good warm up and progress into a "marathon pace" segment for 8-10 miles before warming down. Family matters conflicted with the day a bit and I had to report to work earlier than normal, thus taking a full hour away from my morning. One hour is a lot of time when you are talking workouts. Since I wasn't going to get up at 4 am just to complete the workout on paper, I modified it and I'm sure it served its purpose just fine.

Instead of my normal thirty minutes I cut that time in half, as well as the warm down. My 'marathon pace' segment was cut to six miles and another fifteen or so warm down. Same workout, less mileage. I managed to average 5:50's for the faster segment and for the most part I was feeling pretty decent with that pace. I will do another workout of this type on Sunday and that will provide me better feedback if this pace will work for me on June 20th or not.

End analysis: a good workout, legs felt super, breathing was 8/10, and stomach was 4/10. Bad supper last night or what???

Totals: 1:07:15 10 miles (marathon pace segment)

A quick tour of the Hartley, SHT, and gravel-pit trails served as my recovery run this morning. I decided I needed the change in scenery and that provided the best option without getting too hilly and or much roots. Legs are feeling pretty good and not much residual fatigue any longer.

Totals: 55:43 7.1 miles (trails)

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