Friday, June 19, 2009

Cool the Engines

Last day of preparation until I hear the starting horn. The one thing that keeps entering my brain is the time preparation for one morning of running. When I really think about it, my 2009 Grandma's Marathon prep started in May of 2008. It was then I decided to take 6-8 weeks off of running to allow my achilles proper healing. I did that. My running resumed in July and it was very slow, aerobic training, or what I like to call "brainless running". That style of running was all I did until December, with the exception of Whistle Stop half Marathon. The build-up for tomorrow's race began to form back in early January and really started to take shape the first week of February. With the help of Greg McMillan, who designed my marathon plan, I have had a wonderful training period and even a few decent races. I know that I am better prepared for this race than any other marathon to date, and hope for great luck. I've learned over the years, and ten marathon attempts, that training for a marathon only improves ones odds of doing well, and it guarantee's you nothing. I am a "glass half-full" kind of guy, and I'm looking at tomorrow as "VERY half-full".

This mornings run was just easy miles on Skyline and two 100 meter striders on the UMD track.

Totals: 23:52 3.5 miles


Anonymous said...

You've done well Son, and what will be, will be!! We wish you the best in this race, we are cheering you on and are with you in Spirit!!

Love you lots,

SteveQ said...

Just saw the results - 2:50 and change is at least a moral victory in the heat. Not quite what you hoped, but impressive!

Gregg said...

thanks steve, it was a blood bath!