Sunday, June 14, 2009


On Wednesday I had no idea what I was in for. It was a tough day on the back but it got much worse from there. No running on Wednesday. Chiro was little help, as the spasm was just too damn tough!

Thursday I doubled back to the Chiropractor in the morning and received another adjustment and treatment (E stim).  A little better luck with the treatments as my back lasted a little longer into the morning until it raged into full on spasm! With the wonderful help of a buddy in the Occ Med department I used a little Tens unit and got the spasm a full three or four additional treatments. Ice, Ice, and more Ice. I had an existing massage for Thursday night and used it to its full opportunity. I had all my back worked on as well as my legs and glutes and then she dug into that lumbar spasm and killed it! Just what I needed. A little light at the end of this nightmare tunnel. Friday morning I woke up a little sore, and stiff but once on my feet for some time and following an icing I was feeling pretty damn peppy. Many more ice treatments and off to bed for the weekend.
Saturday I was feeling pretty good but decided on another day off of running just to be safe and allow another day of healing before testing the waters to see if my back would hold up to the jarring.

This morning I felt better and made my way out for a run of unknown time and distance. My legs felt like absolute lead and my breathing wasn't much better. The good news was I didn't feel any pain in my back, just a little tightness. I didn't want to venture too far from the homestead as I felt as though I could lock up in spasm on any step. After a short loop on Vermilion I made my way to UMD and called it a morning at our house. Ice and stretches followed.
In the afternoon I was going to find my wife and son in Hartley as they rode their bike to the pond to look for minnows. I got all ready and found my bike tire still flat. Wow, it didn't fix itself? I put on the running shoes and made a second loop out to Hartley pond and looped home for another short loop. Two short loops and no back pain. I ended the second run with a short block of 5:45 pace. As long as things feel better tomorrow morning, it will be a little wake up for my legs as I will add some striders to the run to see if I can get the heaviness out.

Sundays Totals: AM:  36:39  5.2 miles  (7:04)
                              PM:  28:28   3.8 miles  (7:34)
                                       9 miles for the day

Weeks Totals: 23.8 miles (3 days )
Years Totals: 1228.5 miles

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