Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Protective Instincts

This morning I woke up a bit sore and took the extra time to stretch a bit then head out the door. After some easy warm up miles I did 8 X 20 seconds stiders followed by warm down miles. My legs are feeling much better and are "waking up" as I call it. Overall, a good run. 

Just to keep things interesting and eventful I had to avoid a deer/human interaction. I was just entering the city limits on Snivley Road and I had a beautiful reddish-brown deer cross my path. Just as she hit the brush on the opposite side of the street I could hear the "moo" of a fawn. (yes it sounds like a little cow) Once she heard that she did a quick loop around a patch of trees and was bounding looking for her young. I saw the fawn leap out of the bush and run deeper in the woods. At this moment, I was directly across from them, the mother deer leaped up and out of the woods only to call war against me. She was in full stride looking for a fight at 6 am!  I stopped in my tracks and put up my arms and yelled, "Oh no you don't, Stop!!". She hit the yellow line of the road and decided against the fight and when she decided to change direction her hind legs went out from her and she slid on her butt across my lane and rolled on her back before getting up and jumping the guardrail into the brush just to my side. She stopped and snorted several times before I decided to get the hell out of there. Two passing cars saw the whole incident and we all had a good chuckle as I made my way home to clean out my shorts. Whew! Nothing like a little excitement on Taper Week.

Totals: 1:02:02   9 miles  (6:53 pace)
           8 X 20 second strides 

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