Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Big Oops!

Yesterday while I was dropping off my son at preschool he was giving me our good bye hug while I was holding him and when I went to put him down I bent over forward, straight legged, like a moron and had something pull/burn in my lower  back. It was in full spasm all day. Once I got home from work I did a series of easy stretches and got the spasm to settle down. I have a Chiropractor appointment this morning in hopes of a quick recovery. Ice, Ice, Ice....

Legs were feeling better and I was to add some minute fartleks into the hour. I ran out and back on Skyline and added six repeats at 5k pace. The first few didn't feel very comfortable but by the end of the hour I was feeling pretty good. No major issues.
Totals: 58:06   8.3 miles

The usual recovery run that was uneventful and slow. I ran the Vermilion loop with SHT and gravel pit trail loops added. Winds still gusting like crazy. Getting sick of this shitty weather.
Total: 50:30   6.5 miles

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