Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dreaded Lap Count

Yesterday I mentioned how I was going to be thanking myself for the extra day off and waiting to do the intervals this morning. It didn't help. The initial portion of the run this morning was quite worrisome and I was beginning to wonder what had gone wrong.

I warmed up with four miles along west Skyline and didn't want to hit the "lap count" on my watch because my legs just didn't want to run fast. Or was it my mind? For easy math I took off for the first interval at thirty minutes and my worries would prove right. My legs felt like shit and to run worthwhile intervals was going to be a task. At the minute mark I hit my lap again and rested for the the next minute only to dread the second interval more than the first. Not too bad, things were improving ever so slightly. The third was better and after the fifth things were pretty much spot on. Why is it sometimes that your legs do that? This isn't the first time and if I had listened to my mind, I would have quit after the second repeat. Something told me to keep pushing on and things would get better. I'm glad they did, and once I got home I did a complete set of lower leg exercises and stretches. I ended the morning with turned out to be a pretty good run and hope things stay intact for the weekend runs.

The run today consisted of thirty minute warm up and warm down with 12 X 1 min fartlek intervals at or faster than 5K pace with equal rest.

Totals: 1:26:30   12.3 miles

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