Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rest the Body and Mind

The marathon took a hit on my mind more than my physical being. I recovered better than any other marathon I have run. By Wednesday all soreness was gone and I could have returned to normal training. I didn't, and took the much needed rest through the week. I've replayed Grandma's over in my and like many others felt ripped-off, and will now use the fitness I gained over the spring to jump to the next level in training and hopefully have a good fall season of races. I'm am not too sure what the next marathon will be but I am throwing around the idea of a few.
This week will be getting out the door and just covering some good mileage and next will transition into increasing the mileage along with some striders and easy hills. Hopefully this will "wake up" the legs and allow for the volume to bump up back to pre marathon weeks.

Years Totals:1287 miles

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