Friday, August 13, 2010

Vast Improvements

This has been a great week. Each day I have been feeling better and the last two runs couldn't have gone better for being three weeks post-op. The main improvement has been my legs, hips and overall ability to stride out more smoothly. The paces for my runs have become more "normal" along with a lower heart rate. That's all good!

Things may just come together as long as I can keep progressing over the next 6-7 weeks. I still want to run the marathon in October and will plan for it unless I become derailed somehow.

Here are the last two days of running. This morning was a last minute day off for rest. I think the extra day off really is more beneficial at this point then running for a half hour. Next week will be a scheduled 7 or more runs so I should enjoy the rest day.

Wednesday: Out and back on Skyline at an easy clip. The paces are improving at a much lower heart rate. As I was running home I hit the UMD track and did three laps with the straights excelled at 5K pace. (whatever that is right now?) I was amazed how good it felt to stride out at 5:10-5:15 pace. 6 total striders then jogged home.

Total: 45:10 6.3 miles

Thursday: I ran up Woodland to Arnold, Martin and home via Vermilion before making my way through UMD campus and seeing a couple friends running very fast on the track. I had to investigate what was up. The finding was a mile time trial. You two sure looked strong out there. Good job!! For me, I made a few more laps before getting home and discovering I had run the longest run since my surgery. A good morning and very pleased with the progress.

Total: 1:14:30 9.8 miles

decided on a rest day. I will enjoy it.
0 miles

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