Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mild Progression

I knew this week was going to be a bunch of crappy runs filled with self-doubt. That is the norm when taking off several (12 to be exact) days of running and having abdominal surgery. That part was new. I underestimated the power of abdominal muscles and their involvement in every movement we do. When I started running yesterday most of my muscles felt "stunned". Not really dead tired. Not really sore. But, "less-than-ideal" would be putting it in perspective.

This morning was near brutal. The muscles I woke up yesterday were screaming at me during the first mile and, once again I found myself thinking positive thoughts just to get through. By the end of the second mile things were loosening up and I remained pretty steady for the out and back on Skyline. The temperatures were already 70F at 5:30 am and the humidity was climbing. The main issue this morning was inability to stride-out. My left groin muscles are tight and I feel really choppy when I run. Tomorrow has got to be better.

Total: 46:04 6 miles HR:130

When the alarm sounded I was just ready to throw the clock across the room. Then I realized what was making that sound and I needed a quick "snooze" before another alarm to roust me out of bed. The hobble down to the basement was slow but soon I was feeling like things may be improving from a flexibility point.

I decided to wear a pair of racing flats for the run in hopes to force myself to run on my forefoot more. This also allowed me to get some quicker turnover and run a short segment of the SHT down to Jean Duluth road. Once on Jean Duluth my stride started to open up and I found myself running a pair of 7:05's back to back. (that's a huge improvement compared to the 8:00's of yesterday and Monday.) My quads, and calves remain a bit sore but I can handle that as long as I keep progressing. Tomorrow I may add ten minutes to the run if all feels well. I have to press just a bit if I am going to get back into form for October 3rd.

Total: 43:44 5.5 miles (some trail)

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