Sunday, August 8, 2010

It's Hard To Be Patient

Having this be my first week back after a layoff sure was tough. I knew it would be difficult for a few days, and maybe I underestimated the set-back, but the entire week was a challenge. For the most part I don't have any discomfort from the surgical sites. My lower abdomen feels good. My legs, hips, calve are tight and sore. I believe it's the Piriformis Syndrome coming out again as I had this a few years ago and had some difficulty getting rid of it. I know my exercises I have to do and when I can I will perform them in hopes to rid the discomforts ASAP.

On a high note I managed to get in a couple of great local trail runs both on Saturday and Sunday. The trails of Rock Hill and Hartley were calling my name yesterday and for this morning I ran a spur trail segment of SHT. Both just wonderful runs and I hope to use the momentum of these runs to springboard my fitness this upcoming week. It's going to be an added challenge to keep things under control and push the red-line just a bit over the next 7-8 weeks.

Here are the totals of the end of the week and weekend runs:

Once again the pace early on was super slow until I got my legs to loosen. I made my way up Woodland and did the short version of the Pigs loop. By the end of the loop I was feeling the added time and took some additional time to stretch really good after.
Time: 53:00 6.6 miles

I woke up really sore and knew I needed a day off. I took that day off and my muscles thanked me.
0 miles

I did all the trails of Rock Hill and Hartley. The trails in Hartley were wonderful and I saw a half-dozen local runners enjoying the morning. A good day, and a step in the right direction.
Total: 1:03:05 7.2 miles (trails)

Not ready for a full-on distance run yet so I decided to repeat a similar day like yesterday. I hit the SHT spur trail for an out and back with a little added time on Hawks Ridge. Once again, after my initial warm up I really started to work into the run and I am beginning to feel more fluid. As soon as those Piriformis loosen I will be rockin' the steady state runs again. I can't wait!!
Total: 1:04:46 8.1 miles (trials)

Weeks Total: 39 miles (6 runs)
Years Total: 1624.6 miles


Julie said...

Hi Gregg,
I am not the best at being patient either...I feel for you. You really are doing well and getting some great runs in. We are heading up to Duluth next week. I am on the hunt for great trail systems to get a few of my runs in too:)

Hang in there and stay positive:)

lisuzo said...

Good luck Greg in your recovery!