Sunday, September 27, 2009

Windy Progression

The plan called for a ninety minute run with each thirty minutes increasing the pace with the last thirty near marathon pace. If I recall correctly the last time I attempted this run I had the same windy conditions to contend with. With gusty winds I knew that hitting my paces would be difficult and that keeping a controlled effort would benefit me in the end. I started my last segment a little early because of the route I was running I figured with the increased pace I would run out of real estate and have "city" streets to contend with and that just doesn't work when you are trying to run up tempo. My assumptions were correct and the last segment was a bit shy of thirty but still a decent effort. My legs felt decent but I can still feel a little hamstring stiffness lingering from the 25K two weeks ago, at least that is what I am chalking it up to.

The workout rounded out as follows:
first 30:00 8:08 pace (on trails)
second 28:37 7:10 pace (roads)
last 25:50 5:58 pace (roads)

Total: 1:26:37 12.3 miles

Weeks Total: 69 miles
Years Total: 2013.7 miles

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