Thursday, September 24, 2009

Take Out The Gloves

The weather in the northland has been amazing the month of September. So nice that I have worn shorts and a tee for the entire month to date, until this morning. I woke up to temps in the mid to upper 40's and that's long sleeve and light glove weather for me.

Yesterday I ran the Rice Lake Road loop easy and had my trouble with cars not giving way to me. I am running on new pavement and the DOT has not painted the white lines, so the cars are not smart enough to watch the yellow line. To make this topic even more frustrating is the fact that I am wearing a bright, one of brightest on the market, headlamp and still some of the early commuters just don't pay attention. I hope some morning I am not writing this blog from a hospital bed. Damn! Pay attention!!

The workout this morning went way better than I thought it might go and that tells me I am ready to tackle the next ten weeks full steam ahead. I did a nice warm up to Lakeside and then proceeded to run 4 X 5 minutes at 10k pace with 3 minute recovery between. I had a tough time getting a good groove but in the end the intervals looked pretty decent. Nice...

Wednesday: 1:00:00 + 8.1 miles (easy, avoiding cars)

Thursday: 1:19:30 11.2 miles
(intervals: 5:26, 5:26, 5:21, 5:21 paces)

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