Thursday, September 10, 2009

1K's At Sunrise

Tuesday: 1:06:35 8.9 miles
this as the first early morning run I had done in close to ten days since I was on vacation all of last week. I woke up pretty well and had good energy so towards the end of my loop I made my way to the UMD track and did 6X100 meters at 3k-5k pace.

Wednesday: 52:38 7.1 miles
I took an easy recovery day this morning on west Skyline. The headlamp has been broken out of storage and will be a permanent fixture on my head until I run the marathon in December. Legs are feeling pretty decent.

Thursday: 9.3 miles total
my first trip to the track for 1k's in a few years. I was to do 1k's at "cruise interval" pace, which for me worked out to be 5:10-5:13/ mile pace. I ended the workout as I had remembered from years past and was "pleasantly fatigued" and ready for my warm down. It probably looked funny but I was wearing my headlamp while on the track just so I could monitor my pace during the repeats as there are no lights on at that hour near the track.
Here is how the workout ended:
30 minute warm up
4X1k repeats: 3:25 (slow), 3:19, 3:18, 3:16
20 minute warm down in rock hill trails.

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