Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mid-Day Run = Trouble

For three plus years I have been running my weekly runs at 5:00 AM and my weekend runs usually are complete by 9:00. So, when I do an occasional mid-day run I usually don't feel worth a crap. Today was one of those days. The positive side was at least I got the run completed and didn't have to take another zero for the day.

I ran with Erik and we hit the trails right out from his house and managed to find our way to Lester Park and complete one long loop before making our way back to his house. The day was yet another beautiful, sunny, warm LATE summer day. (soon I will have to refer to the fall season, but with the recent temps it hard) The trails here in Duluth are amazing and durning our run of near two hours on complete trail, it was hard to find anything that qualified as moist soil. Notta. My legs, mostly hamstrings, felt a bit tight and I wonder if it was just the result of taking the day off yesterday while camping in Hayward and taking in the Fat Tire 40 festivities. Could be, or it could just be the timing of the day.

The week after racing a hard 25K has left my legs in decent shape. Other than today, I was had a decent week of running. I didn't do much for volume but this was a recovery week and it will be time to pump up the volume over the next few weeks.

Here is how the rest of the week unfolded.

Thursday: 59:22 8.1 miles (RLR loop)

Friday: 1:00:02 8.5 miles total
6X 2 minutes at 5K pace with 1 min. recovery
*the fartlek intervals felt very good this morn

Saturday: 0 mile

Sunday: 1:46:30 12.6 miles (all trails)

Weeks Totals: 37 miles (4 runs)
Years Totals: 1944.6 miles

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