Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Back On Track

I used Monday for recovery and general mileage and this morning I got back into the routine of Tuesday/Thursday workouts. I was a bit skeptical after yesterday's run that I would indeed be ready for the fartlek workout this morning but it went really well and I should be ready to tackle the rest of the week.

The next three to four weeks will be a bit of a grind but I must stay focused on the goal some eleven weeks away. Each day/workout has a goal and hitting those workouts will be a primary focus and if they go as planned good things will come on December 6th.

Woodland to Martin loop plus a short UMD loop.

8.5 miles easy

First fartlek run since the 25K and it went well.
30:00 minute warm up
12 X 1 minute fartlek at 5K pace with 1 min. rest
28:00 warm down

1:25:00 12 miles

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