Sunday, September 6, 2009

Unmotivation Transitions To Motivation

Weeks Review

Mon and Tuesday: 0 miles

Wednesday: 50:00 7 miles (paths in Lino Lakes)

Thursday: 54:33 7.4 miles (trails)

Friday: 1:08:33 7.5 miles (Hartley trails)

Saturday: Great Northern Classic Rodeo 5K
1st place: 16:03
9.8 miles total

Sunday: 1:29:23 13.3 miles (closed last 20 minutes at 5:45 pace)

Total: 45 miles (5 runs)
Weeks Totals: 1854.7 miles

With the week starting on vacation and attending the State Fair I was in no mood to get up at 5:00 to get in a hour run. The last week I have been feeling way off and not sure what to attribute it to. I was starting to feel burned out mentally and wondering if I was physically ready for a break as well.

By Wednesday I was getting antsy and needed to get out for a short run just to see expend some extra energy. The run went OK but nothing close to stellar. Upon returning home and hitting the trails for a few day's I was feeling similar fatigue in my legs and I was ready to fire off an email to the man who has written my training plan and ask if I should bag the next two weeks or so just to allow some rest before heading into the marathon phase of training that waits me just one short week away.

Saturday morning I woke up early and knew I had postponed my 'Tempo Run' from Thursday and needed to get it done. Here's where my motivation was near zero. I didn't want to do this workout solo and couldn't come up with any names that may want to join me. So, instead I wobbled to the computer and checked out Northland Runner and found a local 5K. I had no expectations heading into the race and was thinking if I broke 16:30 I would be satisfied. While driving over to the race I was thinking of a way to run the "workout" and still get a decent result. My initial thought was to run 5:30, 5:20, and 5:10 as a progression-type run. Those plans were shot when I pleasantly found myself running 4:55 pace for the first quarter and had to really struggle to slow to the opening 5:13. In my mind I was now starting to think that there may be a decent race ready to unfold and I shouldn't hold back and give it a good effort. My second mile was 5:10 and I was surprised to have a little push left. I started to push the last mile then the rigging started about 2.5 miles in. I wanted to have a strong finish so hitting the last mile in 5:16 was still satisfactory and seeing the clock just click past 16:00 was very encouraging.

I haven't ran close to 16:00 for a 5k in many years and having this happen on a day where I was just out for a hard effort was more than inspiring considering the way my training has gone the last two weeks. I made it through the rest of this week with a Hot summer run today, 83F at the finish, and I am now rejuvenated for the 25K this next weekend and now to start my marathon build. Here is to a better week of training!

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