Friday, December 26, 2008

Yaktraks for Traction

I received a pair of the Yaktraks Pro for Christmas from my wife. What a fabulous present. Over the years I have come to realize that with each type of running terrain there are several different types of traction devices.

 I own a pair of "get a grips" that slip over your shoe and have little spikes to grasp the ice. These are good for spring running when there is little snow but lots of black ice on the roadways. I also own a pair of gortex Ice-Bugs. Not sure if they are still being sold on the market but these shoes were made in Canada, I believe, and though they were a good idea, the shoe didn't fit all feet and they were HEAVY. (the next year, Asics attempted to match the idea and not sure of their success) This type of shoe is very similar to get a grips by helping in icy conditions, but offer little help with more than two inches of snow. I'm not too sure why it took me so long to acquire a pair of Yaktraks but for condition like this morning, I have yet to enjoy running in what I call "sugar snow". Granted the roads had been plowed two days ago, with the warmer temperatures they soften and cause quite the slip to the ordinary shoe. Yaktraks offer a little more "bite" then other devices and that made all the difference in this mornings run. For conditions with more snow, get off the roads and hit the trails with a pair of running snowshoes. Running on snowshoes works many, small muscles that road running misses, because it forces you to change form just a bit, and also creates more leg lift with deeper snow conditions. If this isn't your "bag", hit the tracked trails of your local Nordic ski center. Just my take on the opportunities that you all have the day after Christmas. I'm off to work!

Totals: 38:30  4.9 miles

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