Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tundra In The Dark

I missed running on Monday, just call it a lazy morning.
Tuesday I ran to the trails at Hartley and made my way through the singletrack and eventually ran into my "winter" running partner Chris Gardner. I say winter because we often cross paths during the winter months while we are base training. Our running  paths/ plans usually go different ways come spring and we don't end up running together all that much. With that said, it sure is nice to bump into a fellow runner in the early morning and have someone to talk with. 

Tuesday's Total:  1:01:00  6.8 miles

I got screwed out of a run on Wednesday because of an early morning meeting.
no miles recorded.

This morning I had the same plans as Tuesday and surprisingly ran into Chris again very early into the run. I was at six minutes and I could see his lamp shining my way. We ran a  nice loop, including the guardrail loop, and after making our way back to the pond I called it a morning and made the return trip home. A nice hour run in the cold tundra of the North. Temps were well below zero with the windchill.

 Wednesday's Totals:  1:01:00  6.8 miles

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Kurt said...

keep it up buddy !!! Did I tell you I got a pair of the NB 790's you like so much. They are very nice !!

How are the trails up there during the winter ? So much of our trails turn to ski loops so they do not let us run on them.