Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hartley Loops

I got word that the trails in Hartley were runnable without the use of snowshoes. This morning I would investigate this and see how the footing was and if the Yaktraks were compatible with the surface. The trails were decent, some rough spots, but for the most part very runnable for an easy run. The Yak's worked super for this terrain and I will most likely wear them throughout the season as they offer the extra confidence in stepping on what could be some slick, icy spots.
I ran all the single track trails with the exception of the guardrail loop and made my way home. A enjoyable run, but this run reminded me that it will be necessary to get moving on some stretching and strength training program again, as all the ups and downs left me a bit stiff.

Totals: 47:34  5.5 miles  (8:38 pace)

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