Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Almost a Missed Opportunity

This morning was close to another zero for running. I snoozed the alarm a few times before my feet hit the floor and made my way to the basement. As I do most mornings, I stop at the sliding door to the porch and check on the wind conditions. This morning was relatively calm. The temps were much "better", meaning close to zero. By this time I was about thirty minutes late for getting out the door, but still had time to run a quick 5 miler.
As soon as I was running I knew it was going to be a good run. My legs felt fresh, because they are from all the down mileage weeks, and the grip from the crunchy snow made striding almost effortless. A quick loop through the cemetery, and some Hunters Park neighborhood streets and I was on my way back to the house. I am so glad I didn't skip this one!

Totals: 37:40 5 miles 7:35 pace


SteveQ said...

That's a fantastic pace for the number of layers of clothing you must need.

Gregg said...

Thanks Steve... yah, one has to forget about pace in these conditions and just get in the effort. I would guess by the way I was feeling 6:30's would have been the case in the summer.
I spend most of my winter training volume based on time. ie: 1 hour or 2 hour runs, not miles.