Saturday, December 13, 2008

Two More For The Trails

Friday= The coldest day of the winter yet! At our house, the "house in the tundra", had a temperature of -20F. The TV station on top of the hill had -13F, and down by the lake had -3F. No matter what, it was cold!
I made my way to the trails once again to stay protected from any wind that might have blown but the conditions were quite still. A full moon was glowing like no other, which gave me added light, as my headlamp faded quick with the cold temps and fragile batteries. The added bonus of running in conditions like that would be the traction one has. I wore my newest pair of NB 790's and the trails were crisp and clean. Feeling great, I ran the loop quicker than my past "winter" training times as of late. Overall, a great morning of running.

Totals: 46:00  5.6 miles  8:15 pace (trails)

Saturday=  the temperatures have risen and the footing has become terrible. I mean the kind of terrible where you wish you would have stayed in bed terrible. Slipping on the roads, I made my way to the same trails hoping to find better footing. It was a bit better but still miserable. I decided to take the pace very easy in hopes of keeping the slippage to a minimum. The trails were covered with an inch or two of fresh powder and I was the first to make fresh tracks, other than the rabbits, fox, squirrels, and deer that had beat me to the punch. After a complete guardrail loop and extra by the nature center I made my way home and called it a morning.

Totals: 1:04:34   7.2 miles  8:59 pace (trails and slippage)

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