Sunday, February 28, 2010

Miles In The Park

I made the trip out to Jeremy's house and we proceeded to pick up Chris and run a loop through Morgan Park and return on some side streets through the Norton Park neighborhood. Once we dropped Chris off at his house we made a loop through West Duluth to make up the total time.
Another great morning for weather. Clear skies and no wind. The morning started off in the mid-teens and warmed up to 34F by the time I got in my car. Weather like this makes you think spring is right around the corner but we know better than to think that way in northern Minnesota. We have at least one more dumping of snow if we have our 'typical' spring weather patterns.

I didn't feel the best this morning on the run but I managed to complete the time without any bonking or such. My energy was a bit low and my legs fatigued a bit more than I expected. A great way to wrap up a decent week.

Totals: 2:02:38 16.2 miles

Weeks Total: 58 miles (6 runs)
Years Total: 387.3 miles

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