Saturday, February 13, 2010

Trails Worth Mentioning

Today's run was amazing. Everything was working for me. Good energy, muscles, mindset, and overall Chi. The run took me to the single track of Hartley and they didn't disappoint. Since our last light snowfall the traffic has been heavy and the trails are now packed tight. I managed to loop some shorter segments for 70 minutes without missing a beat. NB 790's with Yaktrak's were my equipment of choice. I can't say it enough, what a gorgeous day!!

Yesterday was a scheduled day off and I took advantage of it by gaining an extra hour + of sleep. That along with some rested legs probably contributed to today's overall positive vibe. The day of rest was welcomed.

Thursday I hit the treadmill early for my 'uptempo' workout. These types of workouts are not killers at any stretch, but they offer a good break in the monotony of base phase and start to introduce your legs to the quicker stuff yet to come. After a 2.5 mile warm up I did 4 miles at 5:52-5:56 pace and finished with another 2.5 miles of warm down. My easy miles are no faster than 8 mph. For now that is the rule, no mater how good I feel. (one positive of the treadmill)
The treadmill run was good, but I did feel the effects of running indoors at a much warmer temp than I am used to. (66-68 F)

Thursday: 1:02:10 9 miles
2.5 mile warm up
5:53, 5:50, 5:56, 5:59 miles
2.5 mile warm down

Friday: 0 miles (great rest)

Saturday: 1:10:20 8.5 miles
(easy running on single track)


Julie said...

Hi Gregg,
Cheers to days where your running is amazing!! I love it when I go out and everything is on:) Sounds like you had a nice run yesterday and hopefully your mill run will be as amazing:) Thanks for your two cents on my shoe dilemma!! I hope that you enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

Don said...

I recently bought a pair of Yak-Trax look-alikes, but haven't put them to use yet. Actually it sounds like a LOT OF WORK running on trails that need Yak Trax.

Good for you!

Gregg said...

Julie: it sure is an amazing feeling. wish they were more often.

Don: actually the Hartley Park is in the center of Duluth so it gets a lot of foot traffic all year. right now the single track is the best it gets all year, including summer. i wear the Yak's just for added security on the turns and downhills.