Saturday, February 27, 2010

Swift In The Woods

It's the weekend I have missed a few days of postings. Here is the scoop on the rest of the week.

On Wednesday I made my way to the single track trails and looped for an hour or so. It gave me a chance to escape the winds and minus 0 temperatures. I forgot I had to work early so I made the loops a bit shorter and rounded out the morning just under an hour.

On Thursday I had to hit the treadmill since we received an inch of fresh snow last night and I had to do steady state running. After a warm up on the treadmill I started to work into the pace and I was feeling like garbage. At least my mind was telling me that. Once I evaluated how my legs and breathing were actually doing I realized I could complete the workout if I just let my mind go numb. That's what I did. "Free your mind, and the rest will follow..." I ended up having a super workout and totaled 11 miles for the morning.

Friday was one of my last scheduled days of rest. Oh how I love to get that extra hour of sleep! Soon I won't miss it and will be ramping up the volume.

This morning my lovely wife had her group run at 8 am and I ran after she got home. I hit the trails, of course, and will remain to do so until they are mush. An absolutely wonderful morning of single track trail running for 70 minutes. Lot's of dogs off leash. Keep them on the leash people!!

Wednesday: 50:00 6.3 miles

Thursday: 1:13:03 11 miles
2 mile warm up
7 Miles at steady state
2 mile warm down

Friday: 0 miles

Saturday: 1:10:10 8.7 miles (easy aerobic pace)

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Julie said...

Hi Gregg,
Nice job this week:) It was so gorgeous out today that I actually got out for a nice run:) I can't wait for the trails to be clear so that I don't have to jump and hop over puddles and ice!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!