Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Down For The Count

I was so excited to get this week under way and I managed to get some good rest going into Monday mornings recovery run, which is always a bonus. I felt quite well and had to ease off the pace several times to keep things at a snail pace. (the purpose of the run) I wore a new pair of Get a Grips and that helped a ton for the extra traction on the ice paths.

Tuesday I woke up a bit tired and eased into the run with three miles of 7:45 pace running. After that I did a series of "bursts" that looked like this. Twenty seconds on at or near 5k pace followed by forty seconds easy running. I repeated that sequence 16 times and was really feeling good at the end. I always enjoy this type of workout in the middle miles as it leaves my legs feeling fresh and frisky.

It sure has been cold again. Both Monday and Tuesday had the mercury in the negatives, without the windchill! The one bonus of temperatures in that range is the footing is usually very good as long as there is snow to grab.

Yesterday at work, just after lunch, I got this terrible abdominal cramping that never let go. I hammered four or five Tums with no relief. Once I got home I broke into shivers and I'm sure I was running a high fever. Two pair of pants, wool socks, North Face slippers, one long sleeve shirt under a hoodie, a winter hat and tucked under a comforter was the scene that lasted near 7:00 pm then the fever broke. YUK! My stomach continued and remains to be queezed. No work today, and no running today. What a bummer to be less than one week into a program and I am forced to take time off. I guess it's better now then in May or June. Here's to a better night.

Monday: 56:30 ~7 miles

Tuesday: 1:03:00 ~9 miles (16 X 20 seconds at 5k pace)

Wednesday: 0 miles


Julie said...

Hi Gregg,
I am sorry that you are not feeling well:( I had something similar to what you were describing about a month ago and it lasted about two and a half days. Hey, I noticed that you are running in the Get in Gear, the Fargo Half and Grandma's. I am running the Get in Gear 10k, I am going to try to get into Grandma's half and I still need to see if Fargo will be an option for me....I need to see if I have another half close to that date. Maybe I will see you at a few of the runs this season:) I hope that you feel better soon!

Runningbear said...

Hang in there Gregg, I'm sure the nasty bug will pass soon and your legs will feel nice and fresh for some quality training.
I'm afraid unlike Julie, I won't be entering any of yor local races being across the pond though I'm working on a trip to the US soon. A road trip with a race in every city is the plan... Chin up! RB.

Gregg said...

Thanks a lot you guys....
You know how it is when your sick. Everything seems to multiply and it feels like you get out of touch over night.
Feeling better tonight and should be able to give it a go in the AM.