Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Take A Break

Monday was a very easy day as I was still a bit tired from the long effort on Saturday. One problem I had was choosing the wrong grip mechanism. ( only people in the north could understand that statement) I wore a pair of Get A Grips and they were useless with the amount of snow on the back roads of Woodland.

This morning I took a break from the snow and ran on the treadmill. Oh what a feeling! I can't believe how good a that felt to have grip and to be able to stride out without the fear of ripping a hip flexor.
I did a four mile warm up and then proceeded to work into the 8 X 200 meter at 5K pace workout. At this point in the training cycle it feels very good to do some easy up-tempo work and it allows for my legs to break the monotony of the easy runs. Overall a very good run. I ended with a three mile warm down.

Monday: 53:30 6.6 miles

Tuesday: 1:05:00 9 miles ( 8 X 200 meters, 200 meter jog)


Kurt said...

keep up the good work man. I have a good feeling about Grandmas this year for you.

Julie said...

Hi Gregg,
I am glad you had a nice run on your treadmill:) I have not done a thing since my little slip on Sunday...my hip is still a little sore and I am terrified of screwing it up more! I really don't know if I should attempt my half marathon on Sunday or to play it safe. What do you think?

Gregg said...

Kurt... thanks for the good word. I sure hope you are right as I can still feel some of the Fall fitness coming into play as I step into another marathon build-up.

Julie... sorry to hear of your hip. The only thing I can say is if there is ANY tenderness that affects your running gait. Don't do it. At this point in the year you can afford to miss a race and still have many opportunities to come in the near future. Good luck.