Sunday, February 21, 2010

Making The Most Of Superb Weather

The weather has been amazing in the northland compared to most February's of years past. We have had little sub-zero mornings as of late, we had a few early in the month, and most of the streets are beginning to have good running surfaces. I ran on the single-track in Hartley for my Saturday miles and that was amazing.

Friday was a day off. I am really enjoying these 'rest' days and they will only last for another week or two then it's back to seven days of running again. I was on my way home from work and my brother in law called me to see if I was going to the WILCO concert and I mentioned that I wasn't planning on it. A few phone calls later and I was making my way down to the auditorium for a fun-filled night. If you ever get the chance, go see them!!

Saturday I woke up and enjoyed the extra hours of sleep after last nights later than usual Friday night. Once Kari got home from her run I made my way out to the trails of Hartley and looped for just over an hour. I couldn't have asked for better running. Just amazing!!
The afternoon was occupied with taking pictures of some coworkers partaking in the Polar Bear Plunge to help benefit the Special Olympics. What a great time and just a little crazy...
To put an end to a great Saturday, Kari and I joined my work department with a night out at the Comedy Club for two comedians on tour. I love to laugh that hard and we are going to try to make it to more shows. If you are ever in Duluth, check out Dubh Linn's Pub on Superior Street.

Sunday I had my first longer effort that took a little thinking. I had to do my run as a "Thirds" breakdown run. The first thirty minutes is very casual conversation pace, then the middle thirty minutes is a bit quicker, still able to chat some, and the last thirty minutes is at or near marathon pace. Doing these early in the build-up is always a bit difficult as my "marathon pace" now doesn't match my pace I wish to use in June. I just increased the effort so I knew I could handle it for thirty minutes and yet have it hammer out the body a bit. I wasn't totally comfortable so I knew I wasn't going too easy. The weather was perfect once again, and I managed to hit a pretty decent workout to finish out the week.

Friday: 0 miles (rest day)

Saturday: 1:12:28 8.9 miles
single track Hartley

Sunday: 1:30:00 13.6 miles (step-down pace run)
30:00 7:25 pace
30:00 6:49 pace
30:00 6:03 pace

Weeks Totals: 54.2 miles (6 runs)
Years Totals: 329.5 miles


Julie said...

Hi Gregg,
It is getting a little warmer and it is for sure a huge bonus when running outside:) I am hopeful that it will continue to get better!

Thanks for the tip on the hubby and I are planning on coming up to Duluth to visit our college boy one of these next weekends. I think that would be kind of fun to go to a comedy club:) Have a great week!!

Kurt said...

Like it buddy. Keep up the good work and keep rolling the trails. Wish I was able to see Wilco. Great live band.

Gregg said...

Hey Julie: Duhb Linn's is a great place. An Irish Pub with a small club for Comedy in the back.

Kurt: you keep it up as welll. 2010 will be a good year. I hope to run some miles with you soon.