Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Wind 'Blew' The Workout

Well, this was my first week where I feel I have done some significant work. My runs are slowly increasing in volume and I have done two workouts plus the long run effort today. I hope I can make the adjustment without too many hitches.

I feel a bit banged up at the moment. Maybe I should wait until tonight to really evaluate but I have had this left foot, metatarsal, tendon-type pain and it has no pattern to it. Some days it bothers me immediately into the run, and others I don't feel it a bit. I really feel it when I stand on my tip toes. It feels the best when I wear Birkenstock's. In addition to that problem I have had a tight right IT band and it will get attention ASAP. I have 'the Stick' to use until I can get in to see the massage therapist. (hopefully this week) It bums me out a bit because the last two marathon build-ups have gone so slick. Maybe they are just temporary glitches.

Friday's run went well. I did my usual loop out to Martin road and Vermilion to UMD and home. No frills, just mileage. A cool morning but still amazing for March.
Total: 1:02:23 8+ miles easy

Saturday I ventured into the Rock Hill trails to find them froze but clear of snow or ice. The wood chip paths had no give to their surface. I did a outer loop and then made my way to the roads to do what I usually do on Wednesdays but I ran it backward. With a little added mileage I made my way home. The left foot gave me some serious trouble in the first thirty minutes so I stopped, took my shoe off, stretched and adjusted my laces and damn if it didn't work! No pain the rest of the loop. So what's up with that? I wore a pair of Mizuno Ronin 2's. (that may be my marathon shoe if all goes well)
Total: 1:16:15 10.2 miles

Sunday's run was a solo effort. When I have prescribed mileage and tempo to hit I usually have to run them solo. Since I didn't have any time commitments this morning I took advantage of the situation and gained an extra 2-2.5 hours of sleep. Sweet!! Once I got my mind ready I made my way out to the country roads to do what Greg calls Thirds Progression Run. I ran thirty minutes easy pace, next thirty a bit quicker, and the last thirty at or near marathon pace. The run was going quite well but the last twenty minutes were into a headwind and that kind of took its toll on me. In the end what I thought was going to be a workout gone bad ended pretty decent. I managed to run a short distance with Jen Houck as she was finishing up her three hour long run in preparation for Boston in about a month.
Here are the details of the day:
30:08 4 miles 7:28 pace
30:17 4.3 miles 7:05 pace
30:28 5.1 miles 6:03 pace
5:02 0.7 miles warm down
1:35:57 14 miles

Weeks Totals: 67.4 miles
Years Totals: 564 miles


Julie said...

Hi Gregg,
Nice job on your runs:) I would love to run on some of the trails in Duluth once it gets nicer. It must be beautiful up in your neck of the woods! I hope that you have a nice week!

Gregg said...

Thanks Julie-
Yes the trails are plentiful here once the mud goes away.
You too have a wonderful week.