Sunday, March 14, 2010

San Diego Vaca = Unexpected Easy Week

Our family decided on a vacation and booked it in less than a month. I didn't plan on this vacation when I had my marathon plan drawn up so the week was turned into a 'recovery' week by default. I had all the intentions of hitting my mileage but I had a few set backs besides the daily schedule of vacationers.

I had mentioned in past posts that I am now running in the latest version of the Asics Speedstar 4. Not impressed. At least up to this point. The Speedstar 3's I could literally take out of the box and head out for a 20 miler with no problems. Not the case with the 'newly designed' Speedstar 4's. Excuse me, but why do shoe company's fuck with a shoe when it is working just fine. I would bet that if you were to look at the last two years of sale volumes for the Speedstar 3 you would see a huge jump from the 2nd version. They had it right with the 3's. Damn you Asics!! So, as you can tell I am far from impressed and I am not sure, but I think I had some minor tendonitits brewing in my metatarsal region of my left foot. Reason number one for taking it easy on vacation. (Lazy was reason number 2)

Here is how the week unfolded. Not a complete disaster but close.

Monday: fresh turf to run on. Mostly cement sidewalks getting an orientation to where our motel was. I ran easy and felt great doing so. I did five miles outside and two or more on the treadmill.
55:00 7.2 miles

Tuesday: 0 miles

Wednesday: I forgot the exact workout Greg had planned for me but I improvised and ran 16 X 40 seconds at 5K pace with 30 seconds rest. Another good run, feeling very good except for the foot thingy... finished with 1:16:03 10.7 miles

Thurs/ Friday: 0 miles

Saturday: Back in Duluth and hating life. We left 66 F, sunny skies for 40's and fog/mist. Oh well, it could be snow! I will adjust quickly. This is reality.
1:00:00 with Erik 7.8 miles

Sunday: the crew out at Jeremy's ran over the Bong bridge to Soop-town and back. I felt quite well and we had absolutely gorgeous weather. 52 F when we finished.
2:02:40 17 miles

Weeks Totals: 42.5 miles (4 runs)
Years Totals: 496.6 miles


Julie said...

Hi Gregg,
I love it!! Damm you Asics! It is so true...why mess with something if it is not broken?

I know it kind of sucked for weather on Saturday but it is going to get better:) Spring is just around the corner...I just know it!!

Kurt said...

Man I am sorry you do not like them. I LOVE the new Speedstars alot. But that is shoes for you. Some people like the updates some do not. All I know is that when they do not make little yearly updates shoes stop selling. Let me know your size and I can see if I have any older ones in the back room.