Thursday, March 18, 2010

Home Sweet Home

There is nothing like getting on familiar running territory to keep the momentum going. I have been having a pretty good week despite being tired (more than usual) every morning. I am starting to feel like I am adjusting to the time change and more than likely will not be up after 10PM anymore.

The weather has been nothing short from amazing. We just don't see weather like this in the Northland in March. The last five days have had temps as follows: 55F, 63F, 56F, 60F, and 60F. We struggled to hold temperatures like that last July! It sure has been nice running with no snow, ice or rain in the morning.

Here is the week thus far:

Monday: recovery run 1:00:00 7.7miles

Tuesday: 1:10:00 9.5 miles
12 laps at UMD track with 100 meter stretches at 5K pace

Wednesday: 1:01:00 8 miles

Thursday: 1:10:00 10 miles
7 X UMD hill with 7 striders at top

*I have been a bit tired in the legs but I am ok with it. I feel like I am progressing in the proper direction. Looking back at this time last year I am much further ahead of myself. I like that!

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Julie said...

It is flipping cold here today....30 degrees seems so much colder than sixty:) Funny how I would of jumped up and down for twenty degree weather just a month ago:) Have a great weekend!