Saturday, March 27, 2010

Rest Is Good

Wednesday was a nice easy day after hitting the 400's on Tuesday. I managed to head out and run my Kenwood loop with a bit added on the track to get a nice round number. My legs felt fresh and the new Brooks are still impressing me. It's nice to have happy feet!

Thursday I must have been fighting some type of virus because hitting the hill workout just wasn't in the cards. I almost took a zero and stayed in bed but I stumbled down stairs to evaluate the situation outside. It was cool with a wind so I bundled up and hit the streets for an easy five miler. I was happy I did that which allowed me to 'actively rest' another day in hopes to gear up for some hills on Friday morning.

Friday the hills went about as good as I could have hoped. I ran a total of 6, which was a repeat less than last week, but I felt much better doing them and I didn't get to the point of 'death warmed over'. I think I stressed the legs to the proper point. With the warm up and warm down I managed to get in a good run. A happy Friday.

This morning I attempted to hit some trails which are not in good shape as the frost is still making it's way through the dirt. So, off of them until another couple of weeks for me, just not worth it!
I ran a sweet loop of roads and trails and will keep this loop in the routine for future Saturday's.
1:20:00 10 miles

Wed.= 1:02:00 8 miles
Thurs.= 38:30 5+miles
Friday= 1:23:00 11 miles
6 X UMD hill with 6 strides on top
Sat. = 10 miles 1:20:00

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